Seafarers Wellbeing App Angelicoussis Group

Seafarers Wellbeing App Development for Angelicoussis Group. Our team developed a pioneering mobile application to promote better health of the employees of the largest shipping Group in Greece, Angelicoussis Group. The “Seafarers Wellbeing App” is a native mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

The Seafarers Wellbeing App was developed in collaboration with the physical education specialists, guided by the need to improve the daily life of the sailors and the employees of the Angelicoussis Group.

By using the Seafarers Wellbeing App, employees of the Angelicoussis Group can train their body, relax their mind, master healthy nutrition, following the instructions of Angelicoussis Group fitness experts!


iOS App Development
Android App Development


  • 30′ Training videos, with our professional instructors divided into levels based on users’ physical condition and BMI metrics.
  • 10′ short training videos that can boost the metabolism and build strength even if the available time for training is limited.
  • A wide variety of short videos for all muscle groups, separately for each muscle group, and user fitness-level based.
  • A range of stretching and mobility videos, separated into different parts of the body that will help our employees who might have chronic skeletal or muscle injuries.
  • Custom workouts, where you can configure the exercise program you desire, either by creating a new custom workout based on your needs or by selecting a previously saved custom workout.
  • Mental exercise videos with meditation and breathing exercises, in both English and Greek, that promote mental health, relax from stress, improve mood and performance and mellow relations with others.
  • Useful nutrition tips to enhance healthy nutrition habits, keep a reasonable daily calorie intake, understand the different diet types and the contribution of trace elements and macronutrients in a healthy diet.
  • Fitness challenges regularly, defined by the instructors’ team.
  • History tracking, where you can keep a record of your fitness history, and retrieve it upon your wish.
    Offline mode for video playback.


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